The fire feeding the needs of the discontent, the pouring of false source filling the the mold of what is believed to be the norm. Raw iron smelt, cages formed. Inside the needs and wants of relations stew. communication is lost in the darkness of false isolation. perception of separation carries on the facade of illusion. The insatiable appetite for primal needs rules here in the crucible of preconception. The hope is in the cultivation of the seed. the age of iron and stone has passed. With gentle loving care the seed sprouts forth a kingdom of love and light, built of patience and natural law. Abundance thrives in the arms of the tree of life whose roots dismantle the kingdoms of old. The smelting fires are squelched. by the waters of the source the crucible grows cold. humanities relationship to the earth is restored the hunger of the emptiness of man is no more.

AuthorAnthony west