I just finished reading the book “Prometheus Rising” by Robert Anton Wilson. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in exploring and decoding the mind. The author has elegantly integrated the concept of the eight circuit model of consciousness proposed by Timothy Leary with mindfulness practice and the world of magic pioneered by Aleister Crowley.

This book dives deep into how we interface with our reality and explores how our beliefs and thoughts bring about our experiences. Alongside this book I was also researching habits. I was interested in how they are formed and how we can change them. It seems to me that these two books overlap each other in that our beliefs and culture dictate our daily habits and those in turn create our destiny. when I speak of destiny I am speaking of the trajectory of our lives. As our beliefs are understood and changed our reality tunnel begins to expand and change which opens the door for us to shift the directions our lives are taking. As we make tiny changes to our thoughts and actions it creates a tremendous wave of change that can turn the tides of life. Our beliefs are our reality and we can change them through mindfulness and practice. This is the real magic of life. Knowing oneself so deeply that we can hack into our own operating system and change the subconscious patterns that dictate our conscious waking life. The key to this world deep within our feelings, which we are not taught to understand fully in our culture. feelings are the tool with which we can reprogramme your subconscious control center and thus change our lives.


AuthorAnthony west