Anthony Sirios West “Asirios” is a creator whose works mirror the journey of self. He believes deeply in the value of myth in building and maintaining culture. From his home in the foothills of Northern California, he creates work that represents the natural ebb and flow of our Collective Experience and mythology.  A creator since his youth, he was introduced to meditation at a young age and quickly became aware of the power of thought, intention and vision. Under the banner of his company Asirios Rising he combines many different genres of creative expression from movement arts, podcasting, visual arts, and tattoo to speaking about his visionary journeys from which springs his personal mythos. His expression is a journey through the inner workings of personal and collective myth and its undeniable powers of transformation and manifestation. His work is not a creation of the mind but a manifestation of spirit into the physical realm. He seeks to inspire spiritual awareness within his audience allowing them to access their own ability as co creators and beings of unlimited potential. He aims to use our collective mythos to inspire change and create a new paradigm.