Anthony Sirios West “Asirios” is a creator whose works mirror the journey of self. He believes deeply in the value of myth in building and maintaining culture. From his home in the foothills of Northern California, he creates work that represents the natural ebb and flow of our Collective Experience. His work is not a creation of the mind but a manifestation of spirit into the physical realm. He seeks to inspire spiritual awareness within his audience allowing them to access their own ability as co creators and beings of unlimited potential. He aims to use our collective mythos to inspire change and create a new paradigm.

Anthony began his career as an artist at an early age, selling his work to family and friends and giving it away as gifts. As he grew in age - and in knowledge of his craft - he began to value the journey through life as the art itself. He began to observe and examine his personal experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the world and our collective experience within it. He uncovered the ways that ancient mythology mirrors the journey of self. Through this exploration, he gained an increased awareness of the human experience. The insights he garnered in this first stage of the journey informed his perspective from then on.

Anthony’s early journey as a creator was one of self-exploration and reinvention, which eventually led to the acknowledgment of the key role that ancestral lineage plays in the way we view the world. As he explored and deconstructed his own view of the world - and dug deeper into his own ancestral lineage - he grappled with the loss of connection to the people who had come before him. Within him, a new spiritual awareness began to arise. Eventually, this awareness would materialize into something that continues to guide his every move.

Anthony’s  art signifies the spiritual connection he feels to being an artist and creator. As he creates he feels closer to the force that drives all things. He is constantly inspired by how mystical everyday experiences can become and how the magic seems to compound as the constant journey of self discovery and creative cultivation continues. He draws inspiration from personal life events that take on mystical qualities when viewed through the lense of personal mythology and his own unique way of creatively processing the world. His art is the way he interacts and understands his experiences so that he can better integrate the journey of life. His art is simply the way he learns and understands what it means to be fully alive. He sees the creative process as an unfolding fluid expression of personal empowerment and physical embodiment. His work is simply a vehicle to explore his personal experience of how the inner and outer worlds interact. His hope is that his work can become a spiritual map to guide and inspire those that view it to explore their own experiential unfoldment. In Anthonys view it is that process of exploration and action that pushes individuals and thus the collective towards the realization of their fullest potential

Artist Statement

"My life and creative expression is an ongoing fluid unfoldment of inspiration and action. I feel that this constant flow is what is called creation, and this is the stream that I seek to maintain right relation with. My creative practice is my process of creating a snapshot into the holographic nature of the infinite abyss of unknown potentials. The realms I have navigated and merged with on this journey are indescribable, so I turn to and trust in my creative process to build a map of my experience. A map into the unknowable for my self and others to follow. using creative expression as a map allows me to share myself on a level that is not possible in the 3d realm alone. In this way, artistic expression is a portal into my personal life experience, and it is a profoundly vulnerable relationship between myself and those that view my work. That is what compels me to keep moving forward on this road of creation. The deep vulnerability and dissolution into the unknown where all things are possible"