"I witnessed many different energies emerge at both lightning in a bottle and the Awakened Futures conference. But two energies reared their heads again and again, and their names were doubt and fear. I personally experienced these feelings playing out in my psyche, but I was also observing them in the voices, posture, and movements of those around me.

The antidote that I usually use for that doubt and fear is trust. Trust has proven to be my most powerful antidote to nearly everything that threatens to hold me back from achieving my dreams. However, something was different in what I was witnessing and feeling. This was a much more subtle form of these two emotional barriers, something that would take a different kind of antidote to move through. The antidote would later prove to be just a deeper and more subtle form of trust, as it turns out it wasn't trust in myself or my abilities but a powerful surrender and trust in my path.

We are programmed in our culture to approach barriers with the intention to overcome them by force of will. This enculturation has moved me to develop a sort of forced trust. I noticed that I attempt to overpower and dominate my doubt and fear and disguise the dominance as trust. I thought to myself "how imperialist and dominating of me". Then it hit me, what if the situations that are causing the doubt and fear to arise cannot be overcome with forced trust or feigned confidence? What then?

I quickly realized that these arising scenarios were going to take a different kind of magic and emotional fortitude, so I do with most things that leave me stumped I asked my ancestors what to do and vowed to trust and do my best to enact the advice I received. What I received was a profound lesson in the nature of creation and what it means to trust and hold a vision as a leader.

The gift that was received was in the form of a lesson about the nature of water as a masculine force of nature. Now I know what most of you all are thinking... wait, isn't water a feminine force? It may represent the feminine in our cultural mythos, but it in ancient times it was a deep, calm masculine force of creation. (More on this in a later Blog)

In the immortal words of Bruce Lee,

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend".

Sitting with water, and studying it on a spiritual level, brought new clarity to my being. Water is present with what is and yet determined to achieve its goal. Water understands that its path is to find its way back to the ocean and continue its cycle of nourishing our planet.

However, on its journey it does not resist the form that it is being called to take. It graciously relaxes into how it is being called to show up in every moment, while simultaneously holding the vision of achieving its goal of union with the great ocean. It does not exert its will with swift force unless pushed and forced to do so by extenuating circumstances. Rather, water will gently and patiently whittle away at that which resists its mission, using gentle, ceaseless effort to wash away that which impedes it. Eventually carving away deep canyons to allow it to flow effortlessly back to the ocean - and achieve its mission.

By sitting in contemplation of the nature of water, I began to see what Bruce Lee meant when he alluded to the idea that we must empty our minds to become formless and shapeless. I realized that to achieve this seemingly impossible goal, we must trust beyond our ability to trust. We cannot only believe that our idea is great, or that we know something. We must open to the ideas that are being shared with us and realize we know nothing.

It is only from this place that we can become present enough to see the opportunities for true exchange on a level far beyond a simple handshake or introduction. That is the place the work must be done. We need to collectively move past the layers of social conditioning and societal norms to a place of genuine heart connection, where we can fully see and understand each other".

AuthorAnthony west