"My life and creative expression is an ongoing fluid unfoldment of inspiration and action. I feel that this constant flow is what is called creation, and this is the stream that I seek to maintain right relation with. My creative practice is my process of creating a snapshot into the holographic nature of the infinite abyss of unknown potentials. The realms I have navigated and merged with on this journey are indescribable, so I turn to and trust in my creative process to build a map of my experience. My work is a map of the infinite for my self and others to follow. using creative expression in this way allows me to share myself on a level that is not possible in the 3d realm alone. My artistic expression is a portal into my personal life experience, and it is a profoundly vulnerable relationship between myself and those that view my work. That is what compels me to keep moving forward on this road of creation. The deep vulnerability and dissolution into the unknown where all things are possible"

-Anthony “Asirios’ West